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Manjit S Saini

8 January 2017/09:08 PM

This is just wrong, we shouldn't let this happen.
We (www.sainiinfo.com) against this. Anyone please
Let us know how to stop this.

Manjit Singh


Sudhir Saini

30 September 2016/12:55 PM

Hi guys, This is sudhir saini, and we are from Sair gotra, Bascially belong to Anandpur sahib. Sair gothra in case want to know where there old sati temple is . Please note it is in village thana, Anandpur sahib. in case any one want to visit. they can mail me sudhir_saini@yahoo.com

Karan Saini

6 April 2016/01:29 PM

Hey guys .... If any one knows where pabme gotra in saini is located ...... Please let me know it would be great help.. Thanks

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