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Manjit Singh Saini

18 March 2017/03:34 AM

We must fight for Punjab waters. Its our right to save our waters. Please watch documentary on youtube called Final Assault to understand issue. see link

Manjit S Saini

8 January 2017/09:08 PM

This is just wrong, we shouldn't let this happen.
We ( against this. Anyone please
Let us know how to stop this.

Manjit Singh

BC status for Swarankars, Sainis in Punjab
In poll mode, SAD-BJP govt to give 5-marla plots to homeless on common village land
Posted at: Sep 11, 2016, 1:21 AM
Last updated: Sep 11, 2016, 4:08 PM (IST)
Key Cabinet decisions
Introduction of memo for implementation of GST and the Punjab Laws (Special Provision) Bill, 2016 to regularise colonies
First and second appellate authority empowered to issue suo motu notice under the Right to Services Act
VAT on wooden goods with inlay work (pachikari) craft slashed
Vacant posts in health and family welfare and jail department to be filled
Advanced Autism Care and Research Centre to come up at Mohali
Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion to be a statutory authority
Ruchika M Khanna

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 10

Stirring the caste and religious pot for electoral gains in the upcoming Assembly elections, the Akali-BJP government has tried to woo their majority vote bank of Sikhs by approving the draft of Punjab Anand Marriage Rules, and is once again flirting with the Saini and Swarankar communities by including them in the Backward Classes.

These decisions were taken in the Punjab Cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today. The government also announced a slew of concessions to the poor among the above mentioned communities. These include 15 per cent reservation in jobs as well as in educational institutions; scholarships and stipend meant for BCs; and free domestic power supply of up to 200 units a month.

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The benefits will only be given to those Saini and Swarankar families whose annual income is less than Rs8 lakh per annum. There are 69 castes in the Backward Classes which constitute 22 per cent of the state's population. Sainis constitute 9 per cent of the population mostly settled in Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Anandpur Sahib and Patiala.

A few years ago, the Jats, the dominant community in Punjab, too had raised the demand for getting the Backward Class status, which was also approved by the Cabinet, but its notification has not yet been done.

Brahmin Sabha’s general secretary Bihari Lal Saddi has already started raising demand for the grant of similar benefits to the 40-lakh Brahmin population in the state, claiming that they be declared a minority.

Meanwhile, the government has also decided to allot 5-marla plots to landless people in villages on the village common land (Jumla Mustarka Maalkaan) by amending the East Punjab Holdings (Consolidation and Prevention of Fragmentation) Act, 1948.

The Punjab Anand Marriage Rules ensure that Sikh marriages registered under the Anand Marriage Act need not be registered again under the Punjab Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act. This has been a long standing demand of the Sikhs – a major vote bank of the Panthic party.

The government also amended the Punjab Minor Mineral Rules that makes the stone crusher policy to regulate the working of crushers and control the prices of sand and aggregate legally tenable.

Another meeting tomorrow

With several bills to be introduced in the ongoing Vidhan Sabha session not yet ready, the government has convened another Cabinet meeting on Monday. These bills will be approved by the Cabinet before being presented in the House.


Manjit Singh Saini

20 December 2016/10:55 PM

Everyone should watch this movie. Punjab on the edge of "dry-out' state. Ask your local politician before you vote, if they stand for our/Punjab's water. We must act now, before its too late.

Sudhir Saini

30 September 2016/12:55 PM

Hi guys, This is sudhir saini, and we are from Sair gotra, Bascially belong to Anandpur sahib. Sair gothra in case want to know where there old sati temple is . Please note it is in village thana, Anandpur sahib. in case any one want to visit. they can mail me

Karan Saini

6 April 2016/01:29 PM

Hey guys .... If any one knows where pabme gotra in saini is located ...... Please let me know it would be great help.. Thanks

Manjinder Singh Lally

28 March 2016/09:54 AM

My name is manjinder singh lally and i am also belongs to saini clan... i proud to be saini..I am from Nawanshar district Punjab

Anuj Saini

28 September 2015/02:47 PM

sher singh saini ji your message is very good .but there is some mistake may be i am wrong . but i read mahabrata .mata yashoda & vasudevs secound wife rohini boath are sister.nand baba was a gwala .this is his work profile not cast at that time.
you told sainis are yadav so we should write yadav as sername. why we don't .why we wright saini.
andhak King kansh killed by loard krishna(vrishni) .andhak & vrishni yadav boath lived in soorsaini kingdom.called soorsaini yadav. becouse andhak & vrishni yadav also lived outside of soorsaini kingdom. saini is our geographical name .not cast.soorsaini kingdom founded by loard rama brother shatrughan .shatrughan difeted to madhu.madhu was a yadav but in Ramayan he describe as a rakshasa.he was a satyat yadav. the grandson of shatrughan name soorsaini.on the name of suryavanshi soorsaini his ancienter also called soorsaini. mali is not a cast this is also a work profile .you can find mali in jaat ..abul mali brother in law of akber. also mali .when jaat become a cast mali join the jaat ,they pakistan & indian punjab.

you didnot write somethig about the great kingdom of sasaini or sasanid of iran they are also day they called shesaini .and nothing about kamboj.

PLZ come in the meeting of LALPUR i will mention date in my next message. or call me i will come.with my guru & friend mr. Karan Singh Kamboj.


2 September 2015/01:50 AM

Hi.....can anyone tell us about the origin of the badwal saini clan????/?/

Pradeep Saini

18 August 2015/05:17 PM

It's great to see our official page...

Saini From Haryana

12 June 2015/01:11 AM

HOUSTON (TIP): An 44-year-old Indian-American policeman has been awarded the prestigious “Top Civilian Supervisor of the Year” award for his efficient services to the Houston Police department in the US state of Texas.

Harkeert Singh Saini received the award from Police Chief Charles A McClelland And Houston Mayor Anise Parker during a function held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel here earlier this week.

Saini, a police records supervisor has been working for the Houston Police department for the last 15 years.

“Harkeert Singh Saini is a very efficient officer and very worthy of this award. Houston police department is proud of Saini” said Muzaffar Siddiqi, senior police officer of city Police department.
Various community leaders including Gurdip Singh Buttar, S Gurnam Singh Sandhar, Ajinder Singh Dhatt were present during the occasion and congratulated Saini for his achievement.

Saini, a graduate from Deshbandu College in New Delhi, hails from Hoshiarpur in Punjab. He came to the city in 1998, joined Houston Police Department in March 2000 and was subsequently promoted as an office supervisor in the following years.

Ravi Saini

27 May 2015/03:07 PM

Thanks for the useful information related to saini samaj.
I am trying to do something different for my community.

Director at

Neeraj Saini

6 March 2015/01:01 AM

hello frnds
I am also a Saini
I want to do a great thing by which Saini become famous
I proud to be a Saini
Sainiyian de kake na fikar na fake

Manjit Singh Thind

15 November 2014/10:20 AM

We will open the book, and we know its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is this New Year’s Day
Lets sing and rejoice and achieve success again!

Happy New Year to all !

Team Sainiinfo.

Manjit Singh Thind

15 November 2014/10:18 AM

We will get "There" !!!

Team Saini

23 October 2014/01:51 PM

Happy Diwali to all !!!
Bandi Shorh Divas Dian Mubakaan

Pawan Golan

19 September 2014/02:29 AM

I am also from Golan gotra but we are jat choudhary in Rajasthan can you say me Ki hm bi kahi isi SE nikle ho plz btana .

Team Saini

20 March 2014/02:58 AM

Team Saini,
If anyone like to share their village, community event or any other picture related our Saini brotherhood. Please upload your pictures here at link below.


17 March 2014/12:11 AM

We remember today the Gadari Baba and great Saini Shaheed Chaudhary Harnam Singh Saini who was hanged on this date, March 16, in 1917 under third Lahore Conspiracy Case trial.

Today is 97th Barsi. Today we honour and remember his sacrifice for the motherland.

He underwent torture and brutal police abuse at the hands of colonial authorities but he did not betray any one of his revolutionary friends. He chose to be hanged rather than turn against his own people.

Parnam Shaheedan Noo!



Harnam Singh Saini
Born Fategarh village, Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Died March 16, 1917
Lahore, British India
Organization Ghadar Party
Political movement
Indian Independence movement, Ghadar Conspiracy

Harnam Singh Saini was a notable Indian revolutionary who participated in Ghadar Conspiracy and was hanged by British colonial government on March 16, 1917 in Lahore for instigating revolt against the empire. He was tried under third Lahore Conspiracy Case trial.[1][2]

Harnam Singh Saini was son of Gopal Saini. He was resident of village Fatehgarh in district Hoshiarpur.[3][4]
Involvement in Ghadar Conspiracy[edit]

Ghadar di Gunj, an early Ghadarite compilation of nationalist and socialist literature, was banned in India in 1913.

Ghadar Newspaper (Urdu) Vol. 1, No. 22, March 24, 1914

Harnam Singh visited Canada and USA which were the breeding ground of Ghadar Conspiracy. He became an active member of Ghadar Party and participated in sedition.

Harnam Singh Saini was arrested in Batavia, a Dutch colony. Nothing incriminating was found on his person or on the ship Maverick in which he was travelling. In spite of this the Dutch authorities of Batavia heeded to the British request and handed him over to the Singapore police. He was taken to Calcutta and then to Lahore.[1][2]
Trial and execution[edit]

He was tried under Third Conspiracy Case at Lahore. The tribunal of this case consisted of Ellis, Major Frizelle, and Rai Bahadur Gopal Das Bhandari. The trial was held in Lahore Central Jail.[2]

The trial began on November 8, 1916 and ended on January 5, 1917. Harnam Singh Saini along with four other Ghadar revolutionaries, namely, Bhai Balwant Singh of Khurdpur, Babu Ram of Fatehgarh, Hafiz Abdullah of Jagraon and Dr. Arur Singh of Sanghwal, was charged with waging war against King Emperor and sentenced to death. Three other co-accused, namely, Karar Singh Nawan Chand, Fazal Din of Fategarh and Munsha Singh of Dukhi of Jandiala were given life imprisonment.[2][4]
Saini, along with four of his other Ghadar Party comrades, was executed on March 16, 1917.[1] All of their properties were also confiscated.[2]

^ Jump up to: a b c "..the second martyr of march 16 was Harnam Singh Saini of Fatehgarh, Hoshiarpur. He was arrested from Battavia by the Dutch." A day to remember Lahore's martyrs, 16 Mar 2002, KS Dhaliwal, Time of India [1]
^ Jump up to: a b c d e Punjab Peasant in Freedom Struggle (Volume II), pp 71-72, Master Hari Singh, Published by People's Pub. House, 1984
Jump up ^ Flame of Freedom and Hoshiarpur District (Volume 1), Heroes of Hoshiarpur, pp 156-157, OP Ralhan, Research India Publications, New Delhi, 1992 / Editorial Note: Ralhan also gives the name of one Nama Saini separately from Harnam Singh Saini who was also hanged in Lahore. Both are described as sons of Gopal of Fategarh. It might be both of them are the names of the same person.
^ Jump up to: a b An account of the Ghadr conspiracy, 1913-1915, pp i , pp 161, F C Isemonger; J Slattery ,Publisher: Meerut : Archana Publ., 1998.
Other sources[edit]

Ghadar Party Da Itihas, Desh Bhagat Yaadgar Hall Committee, Jullundur
Unpublished Account of Ghadar Party Conspiracy Cases, 1914-1918 by Isemonger and Slattery
Sir Michael O'Dwyer, India as I knew it, London, 1925

Hakumat Rai Saini

4 February 2014/03:09 PM

these gems of saini brotherhood have done commendable job in tracing saini history.They deserve to be honored .God bless these sons of OUR REVERENT MAHARAJA SHOORSAINI JI. NOW WE SHOULD TRY TO TRACE THE HISTORY OF OUR GOTRA ALSO

Manjit Singh Saini

1 January 2014/03:07 AM

Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love, laugh and give!
This bright new year is given us
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
Our highest and our best!

We will open the book, and we know its pages are blank.
We are going to put words on them ourselves.
The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is this New Year’s Day
Lets sing and rejoice and achieve success again!

Iqbal Singh Mukhliana

20 December 2013/03:52 PM

Bachpan Chala Gaya, Jawani Chale Gayi
Zindagi Di Keemti Nishani Chale Gayi
Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa D
Hoka Dindi Phirdi Bibi Thaliya Di
Sasti Lai Lao Darjan Kele Faliya Di
Gurhti Kaun Duawe Gurh Diyan Dallian Di

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di

Maa Di Halla Sheri Sher Bana Dindi
Te Adh Rirhke Da Chanha Mooh Nu Laa Dindi
Hun Vi Haasi Aundi Vaghdiya Nalliyan Di

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Majha Diyan Poocha Farh Ke Taari Laun Diya
Kaun Bhulayu Galla Yaari Laun Diya
Kad Rut Aa Ke Tur Gi Kachiya Kalliyan Di

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Do Manjeya No Jorh Speaker Laggne Nahi
Jehre Vaaje Vajj Gaye Murh Ke Vajjne Ni
Manak Hadh Muka Gaya Naviyan Kalliyan Di

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Je Gurdas Nu Tu Marjaane Kehndi Na, Oh Ni Maaye Meriye
Marjaane Di Pora Keemat Paindi Naa
Rarhak Maarni Paindi Surme Dalliyan Di

Murh Murh Yaad Satave Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di
Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di, Pind Diyaa Galiyaa Di.........

Ram Naresh Saini

18 November 2013/08:38 PM

my gotra is" GAURH"

Joginder Saini

16 November 2013/02:53 PM

Can anybody give information about my gotra Pathran .......joginder saini pathran

Sher Singh Saini

23 October 2013/06:35 AM

Chaudhary Ji. Thank you for this information. Very good.

Few academic facts need to clarified here because some people wittingly or unwittingly try to exploit our ignorance.

1) Krishan Ji Maharaj , his father Vasudev Maharaj and his grandfather , Maharaja Shoorsen were not "gwalas". They were kings , born in the royal line of Yadu. From Maharaja Shoorsen a new Yadava dynasty started called Shoorsaini and Sainis and a few other Rajput tribes are their legitimate representatives.

2) Krishna spent his childhood among gwalas to escape oppression of Kans. He was there put in hiding by his father in the home of his friend. Nand Baba, Krishan Maharaj's foster father, who was very well respected in his time as the chief of Gopas or Gwalas , was not of Yadava birth. You can check Mahabharta and Bhagvata Puranas in the original text. Krishna had no blood ties with him or his foster mother Yashoda, although both are honorable and saintly figures.

3) Krishna did not live among 'gwalas' after the age of 12 when he killed Kans. Nor did any of his descendants establish any matrimonial links with them. They were always conscious of their royal status.

4) Only a very small section of communities which currently go under the caste name of "Yadav" have any link with the Yadavas or Shoorsainis mentioned in Puranas and history text. A very large number of modern day ahirs or gwala community have no blood link with Yadavas mentioned in Mahabharata

5) In 1924 , Ahir and Gawli groups adopted the caste name of "Yadava" as part of Sanskritization movement. Prior to 1924 only a small section of Ahirs were considered to be linked with Yadavas.

6) Ahir tribe, assuming its a distortion of "Abhira", is not a Yadava tribe though it was considered to be of royal status. This is clearly stated in Mahabharata. Mahabharata clearly mentions them as separate from Yadavas/Shoorsainis.

7) Over a period of time Ahir community got assimilated with "gwalas" among whom Krishna worship was very popular. Finally, in 1924 they formally changed their identity to "Yadav" just like Malis changed their identity to "Saini" in 1931 to claim army quotas for martial castes.

People who are extending theories that Sainis are "Gole" or "Gwale" (same as modern "Yadav" community) do not know any history of identity politics before 1920s . They are generalizing on the basis of post 1924 caste names and political configurations. Their speculation have no historical or textual basis and they are factually wrong.

Apart from Sainis of Punjab legitimate claimants as blood descendants of Krishna are found among Jadubansi Meos, Tomar and Bhati Rajputs, Sidhu Jats of Patiala, Sinsinwar Jats of Bharatpur, Jadeja and Sameja Rajputs. Some of these groups converted to Islam and are now found in Pakistan. Among the Malis, only Rajput Malis of Tomar and Bhati clans can claim any legitimate link with Krishna. Among Ahirs, only Jadubansi Ahirs can make this claim with any credibility although all call themselves "Yadav" now.


24 September 2013/09:57 PM

Hello Friends,

There is a new bestseller novel involving Sainis of Punjab and tracing their origin from Lord Krishna. The new novel is called "Krishna Key" (Author: Ashwini Sanghi) . The hero of the novel is also a Saini professor from Punjab. You can get it from if it is not available in your local store:

There is an excerpt and some more information about it.

"How so?' asked Priya. 'Krishna's grandfather was Shurasena, and some of his tribe came to be known as the Shainyas. Over several generations, the Shainyas eventually settled in the Punjab and came to be known as Sainis."

-The Krishna Key, Chapters 46-47 ,The Krishna Key , Sanghi, Ashwin, Westland Publishers 2012

The Krishna Key centres around Ravi Mohan Saini, the protagonist and a historian who has been accused of the murder of his childhood friend Anil Varshney. In an attempt to clear his name, Saini looks into the past of Indian Mythology's grey areas and uncover the truth about a serial killer who believes himself to be Kalki, the final avatar of Lord Vishnu. Saini travels from the ancient ruins of the Lost City of Dwaraka to Vrindavan temples in an attempt to discover one of Krishna's treasures and stop the killer from murdering his friends who are also under the threat.

The plot involves different pieces of the seal which must be brought together to solve the puzzle. Each part of the seal is in the possession of four different people who are descendants of Yadava tribes. The tribes are Saini, Satvat, Varshney and Chhedi. The author narrates a detailed version of the post-Mahabharatha history through the protagonist, a distinguished professor of history, who himself happens to be a lineal descendant of Krishna being from Saini tribe of Punjab. The book also contains the author's version of the Krishna Avatar at the start of each chapter from the birth to the death of Vishnu's 8th Avatar.

Manjit Singh Saini

30 June 2013/11:31 PM

List of Saini gotr

1. Annay (Anotra)
2. Attar
3. Badwal
4. Bajwalia
5. Banday, Bande
6. Banga
7. Banwait , Banait (Banawat)
8. Basoriye
9. Basuta (Basotra)
10. Baunsar
11. Bawal
12. Bhangal, Bagal
13. Bhangura
14. Bhardwaj
15. Bhela
16. Bhondi (Bondi)
17. Bhowra, Bhaura, Bhaora
18. Bilauria, Bilowria
19. Bimb (Bimbh)
20. Bola, Bule
21. Chandel, Chandolia
22. Chera
23. Chilana, Chilne
24. Daulay,  Dolle
25. Daurka
26. Dhak
27. Dhamrait
28. Dhanota (Dhanotra)
29. Dhaul
30. Dheri
31. Dhoor
32. Dulku
33. Farad
34. Gaheer (Gahotra)
35. Gahunia (Gahoon/Gahun)
36. Gangian
37. Gehlen, Gehlon ( This was the patronymic of Maharana Pratap, Rana Sangha and Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji. This clan came into Sainis though past cross-assimilation with Sisodia Rajputs.  Saini clan names of Gaheer and Gahunia are of the same genus. It is noteworthy that Shoorsainis and Sisodias were close allies. Rana Gurdan Saini was the lead General of Rana Hamir. The name originates from "Guhadatta", the first known king of this lineage.)
38. Gharay
39. Gharamiye
40. Gidda, Gidde, Giddar
41. Girn
42. Golan, Goli, Goleria
43.Hadwal (pronounced 'Harhwal' )
44.Jadore, Jandoria
49.Indoria Kshatriya
51.Kaberwal (Caberwal , Kabadwal)
54.Kaloty, Kalotia
55.Kamokhar Khatri
56.Kapoor Kainthaliye
59.Khatri Kapoor (probably no link with Kapoor clan found in Khatri caste. There are some other clans among Sainis with Khatri or Kshatriya prefix or suffix which are not found in Khatri caste)
60.Khargal, Khadgal
61.Kharh Khatri
62.Khatri Andhaniye
68.Lalriye, Lulriye
71.Longia (Longiye)
72.Maheru (Mahotra)
74.Masuta (Masotra)
77.Mundh , Mundra
79.Nanua (Nanuan)
83.Pabla (Pabe, Pablay and Pabme may be identical)
85.Pamma (Pama)
90.Patrota (may be a variation of ''Tirotia '')
95.Salaria , Salariye
101.Shahnan (Shanan/Sahnan)
104.Tamber (Tumber, Tanwar)
105.Tanduwal, Tondwal
107.Taunque (Taank/Taunk)
108.Thind (actual pronunciation "Thinde or Thinday")
109.Tirotia (derived from ''Torawati" in Rajputana)
110.Togar (Togad/Taggar)
111.Toor, Tuar
112.Ughre, Oghre

(information source for gotr list

Sandeep Saini Gotra Kapoor Kainthali

14 May 2013/01:40 PM

thanks frnds for information about sainis .
would anybody give the information about different gotras of our caste

Raman Saini

21 April 2013/12:58 AM

Sat Shri Akal g...........just came to know that we have another SAINI singer between us...its Satinder sartaj (suffi singer). his real name is Satinder pal Saini


3 March 2013/03:30 PM

I am not a Saini but came looking on victory of Raja Porus over Alexandra of Macedonia it would be great if you could include something regarding how Porus defeated Alexander and spread the word -thanks

Mandeep Saini

24 January 2013/04:55 AM

thanks a lot for did a great job for saini community to put history of saini,s on google,, today am glad and prouded to get information about our community.. thanks again.. best wishes for all community...

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