History – Shaheed Bibi Sharan kaur Pabla

Shaheed Bibi Sharan Kaur Pabla
Sharan Kaur Pabla was a Sikh martyr who was slain in 1705 by Mughal soldiers while cremating the bodies two older sons of Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Sikh Guru, after the battle of Chamkaur. She was from the village Raipur Rani which is 2 KM from the famous town of Chamkaur.
Historical Background:

Guru Gobind Singh Escapes Chamkaur Fort

Guru Gobind Singh escaped the fort of Chamkaur on the night of December 22, 1705. According to a local legend, he briefly stopped at Raipur on his way to Machhiwara. Here he asked a lady by the name of Bibi Sharan Kaur Pabla to perform the last rites of the martyred Sikhs, which included two of Guru Gobind Singh's own sons , Sahibzada Ajit Singh and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh .

Bibi Sharan Kaur Goes to Battlefield

Cremates the Sahibzadas and her Husband along with other Martyrs of Chamkaur
As the story goes, Bibi Sharan Kaur Pabla performed the last rites of the thrity two martyrs of Chamkaur including two elder Sahibzadas and her husband Bhai Pritam Singh Pabla.

Martyrdom of Bibi Sharan Kaur
According to one account, Bibi Sharan Kaur Pabla was so grief stricken that she herself jumped in the funeral pyre and ended her life.

According to another view she did not self-immolate but was slain by Moghul soldiers and thrown in the funeral pyre of Sahibzadas, when she and her other accomplices from Raipur, were caught cremating the bodies of Sahibzadas.

Jauhar style Self-Immolation
A third account says that she did indeed jump into funeral pyre in a Jauhar style self-immolation. Her own husband Bhai Pritam Singh Pabla, who was one of Guru Gobind Singh's warriors, was with the 10th Guru inside the Chamkaur fort resisting the Moghul attack. She had also discovered him among the dead.

She tried to cremate all the martyrs in a single funeral pyre. As soon as the funeral pyre was lit she was discovered by Moghul and Ranghar soldiers who wanted the bodies of the soldiers - martyrs according to Sikh tradition- to rot in open air in order to terrorise Hindu/Sikh population who refused to apostasize or give out the whereabouts of Guru Gobind Singh.

It is said that realizing that the intentions of the Moghul soldiers were to outrage her modesty , she jumped into the funeral pyre of the martyrs , which included her husband Bhai Pritam Singh Pabla, to save her honour.

Sharan Kaur was a Saini and there are a number of Saini villages around Chamkaur Sahib where the monumental battle between Sikhs and Moghuls took place . Pabla is one of the major clans of Sainis.

Possible Ancestor of Sardar Nanu Singh Saini of Phulkiyan
She is also sometimes linked as a possible ancestor with Sikh nobleman of Phulkiyan, Sardar Nanu Singh Saini, whose family later owned sizeable land in the village Raipur in addition to their other estates in Phulkiyan.

This village also has the funerary shrines or 'smadhs' of the following Sikh martyrs:
• Shaheed Jathedar Naunihal Singh
• Shaheed Mastan Singh
• Shaheed Santokh Singh
• Shaheed Malkiat Singh
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