Anuj Saini

28 September 2015 02:47:29 PM


sher singh saini ji your message is very good .but there is some mistake may be i am wrong . but i read mahabrata .mata yashoda & vasudevs secound wife rohini boath are sister.nand baba was a gwala .this is his work profile not cast at that time.
you told sainis are yadav so we should write yadav as sername. why we don’t .why we wright saini.
andhak King kansh killed by loard krishna(vrishni) .andhak & vrishni yadav boath lived in soorsaini kingdom.called soorsaini yadav. becouse andhak & vrishni yadav also lived outside of soorsaini kingdom. saini is our geographical name .not cast.soorsaini kingdom founded by loard rama brother shatrughan .shatrughan difeted to madhu.madhu was a yadav but in Ramayan he describe as a rakshasa.he was a satyat yadav. the grandson of shatrughan name soorsaini.on the name of suryavanshi soorsaini his ancienter also called soorsaini. mali is not a cast this is also a work profile .you can find mali in jaat ..abul mali brother in law of akber. also mali .when jaat become a cast mali join the jaat ,they pakistan & indian punjab.

you didnot write somethig about the great kingdom of sasaini or sasanid of iran they are also day they called shesaini .and nothing about kamboj.

PLZ come in the meeting of LALPUR i will mention date in my next message. or call me i will come.with my guru & friend mr. Karan Singh Kamboj.